Monday, May 9, 2011

The Units -- History of the Units (The Early Years 1977-1983)

"Obviously people with as little taste as yourself would become ecstatic over such average talent." That's how this record starts and I must have no taste at all because I love this record. Who says you need guitars to punch people in the face with hard charging punk rock music? Synth punk at its greatest. Or maybe this is New Wave? Aside from maybe The Screamers, there's really nothing else like this. I know you might be thinking, have you forgotten about Devo? No. There's really nothing else like this. Except, maybe The Screamers. All I can say is after a week without music studying for exams, this is the record I was missing the most. Of course I did just discover it right before I took a hiatus from anything with words. This stuff is beyond belief. Stand outs include "Cannibals," "Bug Boy," "Contemporary Emotions," "Warm Moving Bodies," and "Run."

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  1. Units weird sounds of the future
    Aggregativacter is wonderful!!!!
    Thank You Very Much!!!!!!