Friday, April 29, 2011

Dirty Beaches -- Badlands

I think Badlands is an appropriate title for this record. Listening to it makes me feel like I'm speeding down a Dakota highway through the Badlands in an old Chevy Nova after doing something I shouldn't have. This record is a dark and powerful cinematic modern day Rockabilly record. The lo-fi production makes it sound like it is being played on beat up old speakers in a classic muscle car with nothing but an 8-track player. The first time I heard it I immediately thought of songs like "Be Bop Kid" and "Sweetheart" from Suicide's second record. But it also has hints of Roy Orbision, old Doo Wop, Elvis Presley, the Cramps, Bruce Springsteen and even some of Wooden Shjips bottom-heavy road songs like "Motorbike." It's definitely music for the highway which makes it music that's hard to appreciate to it's fullest living in the Big Apple without wheels. But the great thing about records like this is they take you with you where they're going. This record is my car right now. Stand out tracks are definitely "Lord Knows Best," "Horses," and "True Blue."

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