Friday, August 5, 2011

WU LYF--Go Tell Fire To The Mountain

This album's been kicking my ass lately so thought I'd share it here. In case you haven't come across this band yet, WU LYF is an acronym that stands for World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation. Believe it or not, the music is even better than that name. This might be my favorite album of the year, so far. I can't stop listening to it. They are a "Heavy Pop" outfit (see Track 10), whatever that means. The vocalist has a kind of a gruff voice, so I've been seeing a lot of the obligatory Tom Waits references, but that and their propensity to evade the media are really the only similarities to that particular genius. They sound a bit more like a more interesting Modest Mouse or a more serious Man Man, two other bands that are constantly (though not quite accurately) compared to Tom Waits. I think if I had to compare them to anyone though, I'd say they remind me a lot of a ballsier, catchier Future Islands with even a little bit of Porno for Pyros and Wolf Parade mixed in...and it might just be the bandanas and acronyms but there's something about them that keeps reminding me of Odd Future, Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWKTA). This record is entirely self produced, the band does not deal with record labels. I highly encourage you to purchase the record at the "Buy" link below. I'm having trouble picking stand out tracks. They're all incredible.

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